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12.07.2015: WELCOME:
Please allow me to present - the SAILING script.

A thing for those who use my Dungeons script. The seas are very different from the Dungeons, so you'll need to take a note of the folling:

Unlike the Dungeon logs - the Sailing logs do not have enough textual data to build the maps based on texts alone. Therefore the map is copied from the game map, and then some enhancements are put onto it. This means that it is impossible to save a map during the Sailing (until after every last sailor has left the sea) and upload it here. Instead, a special script needs to be run during the game, which will upload the map with necessary information for the script to process it. In order to do that you may wish to drag a big button at the bottom of this page into your bookmarks and follow a few simple instrucions that go along with that button. Then press it at any time during the voyage - and it will do the trick. Remember - there is a limit on how many times in a row you can send your logs. Dont press the button after every move!

The sea hints are very different from ones underground. Any hint that is a radius or an arrow will point at the nearest treasure that has not yet been found at the moment of its appearence. Different hints may point to different treasures, but may also point at the same one. A script will color up the cells based on the hints as follows: red edges - treasure is impossible in that cell. Green edges - treasure is possible based on one of the hints. If there is more than one hint pointing at the same cell, that cell will be also filled up with green. The fuller the filling, the more hints point at that cell. The cells that are neither green nor red edged are not ruled out. The treasure may still be in them, though no hint has pointed at it (yet)

If a treasure was found in the zone pointed to by any of the hints, that hint will have a small blue checkmark on it. However, due to the nature of the seas - it does not mean, that there may not be a second treasure within the area covered by the hint! So keep that in mind - if the hint is checked off, you may still find the treasure, and if it is NOT checekd off - there's definitely a treasure within it's zone.

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